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Untitled (at least for now) © Monika Sosnowski

The last two weeks have been challenging. Physically, emotionally and creatively. Forced by circumstances beyond my control, I had to retreat for a while. I’ve rediscovered sleep and the benefits of doing the minimum. We all need some form of help when healing. Touch is magic.

Back to the process. Back to work. This morning back to the morning commute. Re-entering the familiar world as if I never left it, yet two weeks is two weeks. And the frustration of again having to carve out time, and make room, and juggle, juggle, juggle. Enough.

Learn to focus again. Sort of like the healing process where you just have to take one thing at a time.


grier horner - Monika, Nice post. Focusing when there are so many things that demand time is hard. I find mine for a short time and then I lose it again.

Monika Sosnowski - Thanks Grier. The focus is such a part of the process and it’s probably the most difficult one. The discipline to keep going, returning, to working everyday, even for a short time. We need to keep track of the short times and the long times and the in between times. Something is always germinating and growing. I also believe in breaks and watching movies, reading books, having dinner with loved ones, going away somewhere new… Time – elusive and tangible all at once. Managing it is a talent.


Remain © Monika Sosnowski


Where do your dreams sleep now
where do your fears nest
where do your hungers growl
A planet falls out of the hand
Where do your snows nap
timid fawns curious hares
gentle doves stubborn paths

every evening I lie down at their side

                 – poem by Anna Kamieńska


The Tenderness of Things

Untitled (Balladyna Cukiernia) © Monika Sosnowski

The elusive past. The unwritten. forgotten, swept under the rug kind. Is there really any other?
And yet all it takes is one glance at a little photograph. Taken so long ago it will elicit scratching of the head even for those who might have something to say about it.
Something gets stirred. Awaken. A tiny chance to fill in just one blank. Possibly.



Glimmer, 2012-13 © Monika Sosnowski

At last a small breakthrough. Something is beginning to come into view and though I still cannot fully comprehend the form or the meaning, I trust it. This pairing finally opens up for me a way in. There’s few others I’ve discovered that I sort of ignored for about a year. I’ve been thinking a lot again about my pilgrimage last April to the place I hold so very, very dear to my heart. To go back is sometimes the only way to go forward.

When I first started working on this project I found the poetry of Anna Kamienska to be particularly poignant and helpful. Even the working title, ‘The Tenderness of Things,’ comes from one of her poems. And here’s my motto:

“Into this space step alone
and the tenderness of things will enfold you
and lead you towards the dark
as if you had lost worldly sight
- Anna Kamienska

Thank you.



Point of departure or return. More like a pause. Looking at this moment, at his moment in time and place, from a perspective of a lot of time gone by, this snapshot has already transformed itself to so many other meanings and possibilities. I thought I at least remembered the general circumstances when I pressed the button on my iPhone. So I searched for proof of my impeccable memory and discovered I was wrong.
One thing is certain – I was on a walk with Ruby. And so even though she’s not pictured here, and neither am I for that matter, this tiny moment exist because of her. This is not a tribute just a reflection.

Today I looked at it and it made me think of longing and connections. But also of certain impossibilities and distance. But also of the way things come up against each other and interweave in a dance. Symbiosis.


This and That

Untitled (Suwalki) © Monika Sosnowski

Untitled (Sebastian/Glinianka) © Monika Sosnowski

Lots of work, and thoughts, and feelings.  Very little sleep.

The two images above, both from my trip to Poland last year, I did not consider at first to be in the same realm of pursuit.  And yet they so obviously are.

And now, I can finally drift off to dreamland for few hours.  Leaving the dishes unwashed.


Puddles abound – and other thoughts on Artist Staments

© Monika Sosnowski

The artist statement.  The “Hello, My Name Is” of the art world.  The definition, clarification, proclamation of what one does and often how it’s done, and why.

Over the next week or two, I’ll be musing on mine and perhaps refining it or expanding it further.  Here’s what it is currently:

‘In my photography I focus on the ephemeral nature of being, memory and everyday wonder.  I’m interested in moments and things easily overlooked or otherwise hidden in plain sight.  I look for traces, presence in absence, the in-between.  My desire is to reveal the strange beauty in the unexpected and the awkward.’

I sincerely do.