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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Christin Couture’s -The Nearest Faraway Place

Christin Couture is a visual artist – a painter.  With a mystic-like sensibility, she contemplates the world around her and colors it dreamy, or witty, or mysterious, or  mad-science fantastical and often all of the above.  Working solo or collaborating with her husband, 3-D artist William Hosie, Christin’s work is a meditation on the organic…

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The last two weeks have been challenging. Physically, emotionally and creatively. Forced by circumstances beyond my control, I had to retreat for a while. I’ve rediscovered sleep and the benefits of doing the minimum. We all need some form of help when healing. Touch is magic. Back to the process. Back to work. This morning…

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WHERE DO YOUR DREAMS SLEEP NOW Where do your dreams sleep now where do your fears nest where do your hungers growl A planet falls out of the hand Where do your snows nap timid fawns curious hares gentle doves stubborn paths every evening I lie down at their side           …

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The Tenderness of Things

The elusive past. The unwritten. forgotten, swept under the rug kind. Is there really any other? And yet all it takes is one glance at a little photograph. Taken so long ago it will elicit scratching of the head even for those who might have something to say about it. Something gets stirred. Awaken. A…

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