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nicholas, impromptu.

My friend, the wonderful Maggie Mailer, was in NYC down from the Berkshires couple of weekends ago.  Together with her three month old son, Nicholas, she was visiting some family, friends and checking out few current art exhibits.  We made plans to meet for a little bite to eat at  Don Giovanni on 10th Ave. before going to Steve Mumford’s opening of his new paintings at Postmasters.  I had my camera with me wanting to test out using the 50mm 1.8 lens, which I so seldom have a chance to use, and so while Maggie and Peter were chatting and eating a most delicious polenta with sauteed spinach followed by pizza Margharita, I, sitting to the left of Maggie and squeezed between the table, window and radiator was trying my best to get some shots of Nicholas.  This little one is such a bundle of sweet energy and  so expressive!!!  Beautiful boy!  I hope I captured some of his personality in this spur-of-the-moment photo session.  Enjoy!

OXOX, Monika

Maggie Mailer - I’m back home trying to get Nico to go to sleep and it’s hard to believe I was just in the city taking him everywhere. It’s actually much easier taking Nicholas all over New York City, including the Bronx (!) than it is to get him to go to sleep lately.
Anyway, I really enjoy seeing all this on your blog, and I”m so glad you have this great forum. Thank you so much for posting all these amazing shots!
Big hugs, Maggie

Lenore Salazar - Beautiful boy and a GREAT photo!

Monika - Thank you Lenore!