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Deana Lawson featured in New Photography 2011 at MOMA


Roxie and Raquel. 2010. © Deana Lawson


Deana Lawson is one of six photographers featured in the latest New Photography 2011 exhibition at MOMA.
Lawson’s work has an emotional rawness that is gripping. Aside from being beautifully composed, the images – mostly portraits – have a provocative honesty. The people in Deanna Lawson’s photographs simultaneously display  incredible strength and fragility.  This juxtaposition makes for a profound awareness of the physicality of existence within the circumstances of our lives and how that shapes who we are.

From MOMA’s website for the exhibition describing Deana Lawson’s work:

“Reflecting Western and African portraiture conventions, the works examine “the body’s ability to channel personal and social histories, drawing on the various formal and informal languages of the medium and its archival capabilities,” the artist says. The result is an alphabet of body compositions demonstrating humans’ seemingly limitless variety.”

The New Photography 2011  is on through January 16th, 2012 – so about two more weeks left to see this amazing work. Go!!!

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