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Kathryn & Tim: Wedding Vows ~ bascom lodge, Mt. Greylock [part I]

They knew.  From the moment they met it was undeniable they will be together.

Kathryn’s and Tim’s journey began when they met through a mutual friend.  It tuned out they both studied Russian and Tim instinctively wooed the red haired beauty with his slavic speaking skills.  In Kathryn’s words: “Tim swept me off my feet by speaking Russian.”  Tim, of course, was head over heels at the first Приятно познакомиться (priyatno poznakomitsya: pleasure to meet you) dreamily emitted from Kathryn’s lips.

A passionate courtship followed in an enchanted atmosphere of going to lots of dance concerts, listening to and discovering awesome music, drinking lots of cocktails as well as being able to retreat into shared quiet times of literary pleasures – Tim’s excellent book collection impressed Kathryn from the start.  They were in love.

They are in love. Their passion for each other,  and life is soooo palpable!

Beautiful couple.  Good people.

Loving parents of adorable Wyath – the axis of their orbit, the source and inspiration of all their tomorrows.

Sharing a love of nature and the great outdoors one day they  hiked up Mt. Greylock.  The mountain’s mighty loveliness appealed to their hearts.  This was going to be the place to take their vows.

And so they did.

Kathryn: ” Tim, I have loved you since I first saw you. Your profile and confidence filled me with a swagger, and talking all night never ended. I can spend forever with you and it feels like a minute. We laugh with a vibrancy that means youth, even as we age and our children grow. I look forward to a life where we know each other as well as anyone can, and you leave me be when I need, and comfort me as I need it. I love your hearty laughter and your constant quest for knowledge. I love your love of friends and family, life and the outdoors. Your adventurousness and your responsibility. You are everything in a package wrapped  in a deep voice, and I can’t wait to pass that along to the generations we produce. I vow to be loving and loyal, patient and direct, to stand by and support you through whatever hardships our lives may face together, and reap the benefits of a life sown with someone so wonderful.”

Tim: ” Kathryn, you have been my happiness in times of joy and my strength in times of doubt. You have given us a beautiful son and made a wonderful mother. Through the twists and turns of life your love has sustained me. Your antics fill our home with laughter, your passion fills it with life, and your kindness fills it with love. I promise to be your happiness and your strength, as you have been mine. No matter which way the winds blow, I promise to be by your side, to share with you the wonders yet to come, as your faithful husband for the rest of our days.”

Dearest heartbeats all around.

Surrounded by family and closest friends, Kathryn’s and Tim’s wedding was full of vitality, beauty and joy.  Bascom Lodge was abuzz with laughter and good anticipation. The weather turned stormy.  The ceremony had to be moved inside.  Kathryn and Tim took it all in stride without skipping a beat.  As the saying goes – don’t sweat the small stuff – that’s the  kind of folks they are.

And OMG do they know how to party!!!
Kathryn and Tim:  It was my pleasure to photograph your terrifically groovy wedding!

XOXO – Monika

PS – Stay tuned for Part II with Slideshow!

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