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For years I wanted to check out the traveling amusement park in Dalton, MA. I finally had the opportunity and was looking forward to some brilliant sunset-light moments. People of all ages in the midst of experiencing this old-time pastime. The carnival outdoor fun with thrill rides, family rides, food and game concessions.  In great anticipation I headed over hoping the photography gods will bestow upon me some sweet decisive moments . Alas… by the time I arrived it was all over…  No crowds of locals, no hang-gliding sensation screams, no thrill ride sounds, no merry-go-round nostalgic music and with brave toddlers riding on make-believe horses. I didn’t realize that it all closed down on Sunday at 6:00 pm! Yep, the folks running the Mark Fanelli Travelling Amusement Park were halfway done wrapping it all up at 6:45 pm. I walked around for few minutes taking few pictures, sulking in disappointment over my own oblivion.

I was just about to leave when a car pulled up and a beautiful family of six got out. They too thought the fair was still going on! We spoke for a few minutes when I realized the main reason I wanted to photograph at the amusement park was the opportunity to take portraits of people. Some candids but also actual portraits, to speak with the person being photographed. Taking photographs of strangers isn’t easy for me.  Yet here was this wonderful opportunity, which perhaps wouldn’t have happenned if the amusement park was in full swing. So I asked them if I could take their picture and to my delight they said yes! But the best part is that I will be able to photograph them again and I’m very much looking forward to that!

Be open to the unexpected.


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