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Images above © Monika Sosnowski

I wanted to add a poem here, but couldn’t find one even though I reached to some of my favorite poets. Before that, I contemplated writing about how today’s weather reminded me of that first summer after we moved into our new life. I know it’s only the very beginning of Spring and it still feels like Winter. Perhaps it’s because I woke up early to the sound of rain and serene grayness.

It rained a lot that first summer. Briarwood, Queens was like a suburb – curved streets lined with houses and some apartment buildings, but also with many trees also and parked cars. I think we were all hopeful. Excited even. Truth be told there was a lushness everywhere, especially on the weekends. Sunday mornings turning the pages of the New York Times my mother and I would pick up late Saturday night at the stationary store on Queens Boulevard. Those first few months were full of expectancy and everything was new.

Today it’s Monday morning, 39 degrees, foggy and raining. I’m working on my recent project. Started last year it’s just beginning to emerge into its own form. Looking forward to printing today and holding the photographs in my hands. Inspired by the Hudson River School artists and their work.

I’m excited about the three images above.

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