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Maggie’s World

A brief visit early in the summer couple of years ago. My dear friend, the talented painter Maggie Mailer, lives in a house luminous during the day and starry at night.  It’s on a hill overlooking the seasons’ ebb and flow all year long. Inside, a fourth dimension abundant with colors, toys, books, pictures, spices, a child’s laughter, husband’s wonder.
Through a short corridor, an adjacent studio suspended in air floats with dreams, narratives and abstract shapes. More colors. Endless colors. Endless possibilities.
The boy draws good dragons. Are there any other?
Time stops. For a while and then it catches up to the present.
And then again and again and once again.

The idea well. Arcadia. Volcano watchers…

Beauty glimpsed in rear view mirror on the way to… I must remember this, return here, interpret it on paper. 

Happy Birthday Maggie! Much love!

All images © Monika Sosnowski

To find out more about Maggie Mailer and see her beautiful work work please check out her website at

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