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© Monika Sosnowski

I can’t claim to have lived on the edge. Yielding to a variety of fears kept me aground, waiting endlessly for the storm clouds of familial conflicts and personal angst to abate. Meanwhile as I wandered in between times of purposeful endeavors and overcoming obstacles, my subconscious cultivated defense mechanisms which grew into deep-rooted, hardy idiosyncrasies. I’ve realized there’s no point to overcoming them. In fact I’m only just beginning to appreciate some of the ones I’ve finally been able to recognize and name, but that’s a topic for another day.

I can’t claim to have lived on the edge, but I know very well what’s it like to exist in a periphery state of mind. It’s where I learned how to see.

A borderland safe house.

From "Dom Nr 5" © Monika Sosnowski

From "Dom Nr 5" © Monika Sosnowski

The three images above are from the project titled “Dom Nr 5”

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