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The films of Krzysztof Kieślowski continue to have a profound impact on me.  The Decalogue and The Double Life of Véronique are especially close to my heart.  I’d go as far as to say that I literally identify my sensibility, as a person as well as an artist, with the themes portrayed  in them and the general tone that permeates throughout.

Writing about The Decalogue, Nancy Ramsey wrote in Kieślowski’s Reasons for Living: “Themes of chance, fate, honesty, the possibility of a divine presence, and social and personal responsibility are all broached through10 stories of individuals who Kieślowski said, “suddenly realize that they’re going round and round in circles, that they’re not achieving what they want.”  What governs our lives? Is is chance? Or is there some controlling presence behind the visible reality?” (from Video, 2000)

Kieślowski stated that the main theme of The Double Life of Véronique is to pay attention to one’s life and to know that one’s actions have an impact on people we know and don’t know.


In less then two weeks I’ll be back in Warsaw.  Back in Poland.  Back to continue the work – the project started in 2011.  The ‘Tenderness of Things” grew from its inception, evolved, paused and staggered.  Continued to declare itself.  Over the past year the book form of it emerged with a welcomed clarity, which led to a revision of the title.  Thus “the tenderness.”

Above, yet another take, another consideration. Krzysio, above, my childhood friend, has a framing shop below the apartment I lived in once.


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