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Once Upon A Time

Bedroom © Monika Sosnowski

“Poems flooded me.  Fell on me like wild bees.”  – Anna Kamienska

Another image from “Once Upon a Time.”

The stuff that fills the spaces we occupy.  All the things we bought, received, found, forgot, outgrew. What we leave behind.. the stuff nobody really wants – not even the trespassers who ransack fervently looking for what might have been missed.  Or who knows what.

The mattress alone holds a thousand and one stories.  The ties. The pants.. the ones worn last.  Hasty departure? Unforeseen circumstances? Perhaps.  Or perhaps also.  The reality is something else – not insignificant, but in this instance maybe irrelevant.


Preliminary musings.  Very preliminary.

On another note… the making of an image.  What becomes a photograph. What is a photograph? What is the above photograph about?

Document? Fiction? Portrait? Landscape? Nude?

Like wild bees..






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