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Upcoming Photography Workshops in the Berkshires: The Magic Woods – Sunday, July 28th

Last chance to register for this Sunday’s workshop!
Starting out at 3,491 ft above sea level atop Mount Greylock, in the heart of the wonder-filled Berkshires, we will have an awesome, inspiring and productive day hiking, looking, exploring and photographing nature’s magic.

The Magic Woods – photographic one-day workshop with Monika Sosnowski:
Mountains and forests abound in rich symbolism which can represent emotional, spiritual or mental states. Nature’s summits and woods, powerful in their permanence and immovability, have often been associated with personal quests, overcoming obstacles, seeking inner knowledge. Artists and writers have been inspired by the majesty of mountains and the mystery of forests in a variety of ways. Herman Melville imagined Mt. Greylock as a massive great white whale and that vision fueled him to write one of the best American stories, “Moby Dick.“
“The Magic Woods” is a one-day photographic workshop in which we will learn ways of transforming the physical splendor and awesomeness of Mt. Greylock and its surrounding forest, by creating images which suggest a narrative beyond the subject matter’s natural attributes. How something is perceived makes all the difference creatively. We can find our own versions of Melville’s whale.
In this fun, adventurous workshop, we will explore the terrain of the Mt. Greylock’s summit and a few of the nearby trails looking for magical places that evoke within us some common thoughts and feelings, i.e: hope, fear, loneliness, or togetherness. By using simple techniques we will learn how to photograph a scene as if to suggest a dream or fantasy, as well as practical ideas such as abundance vs austerity. We will utilize and understand the creative impacts of the natural elements: light, shadow, wind, and time of day with the technical aspects of our cameras: lenses, f-stops, exposure. Throughout the workshop we will learn and discuss ways of training ourselves to notice both the obvious and the hidden aspects of what we encounter (which in addition to the flora and fauna can also include people hiking, signs, debris etc).
All levels of photographic skill are welcome.

$75 (includes beverages and pastries at the beginning of the workshop, and one bottle of water per person)

Please contact me asap at monikasosnowski@gmail for registration details.

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