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The last two weeks have been challenging. Physically, emotionally and creatively. Forced by circumstances beyond my control, I had to retreat for a while. I’ve rediscovered sleep and the benefits of doing the minimum. We all need some form of help when healing. Touch is magic.

Back to the process. Back to work. This morning back to the morning commute. Re-entering the familiar world as if I never left it, yet two weeks is two weeks. And the frustration of again having to carve out time, and make room, and juggle, juggle, juggle. Enough.

Learn to focus again. Sort of like the healing process where you just have to take one thing at a time.


grier horner - Monika, Nice post. Focusing when there are so many things that demand time is hard. I find mine for a short time and then I lose it again.

Monika Sosnowski - Thanks Grier. The focus is such a part of the process and it’s probably the most difficult one. The discipline to keep going, returning, to working everyday, even for a short time. We need to keep track of the short times and the long times and the in between times. Something is always germinating and growing. I also believe in breaks and watching movies, reading books, having dinner with loved ones, going away somewhere new… Time – elusive and tangible all at once. Managing it is a talent.

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