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Christin Couture’s -The Nearest Faraway Place

Christin Couture is a visual artist – a painter.  With a mystic-like sensibility, she contemplates the world around her and colors it dreamy, or witty, or mysterious, or  mad-science fantastical and often all of the above.  Working solo or collaborating with her husband, 3-D artist William Hosie, Christin’s work is a meditation on the organic and the synthetic manifestations of life’s circumstances and mysteries.

Christin Couture’s new intimate landscape paintings are currently exhibited at Ursa Major Gallery located in Shelburne Falls, MA through May 27th so find your way there soon!  Here’s a a brief and lovely description of the work from the gallery’s press release:

For over a decade in all weather and seasons Christin has drawn, painted, photographed, and filmed from a precipice overlooking Salmon Falls, her  ’nearest faraway place’ close to her home in Shelburne Falls. Its protean nature converges in a spectacle of light and mood constantly colliding and shifting yet retaining its iconic form as place. From such a bonding fully understood moments unfold their monumental intimacy.  Afterwardm in the studio, using various mediums and tools – oil, beeswax, pigment, acrylic, colored pencils, fingertips, brushes, knives… the process itself challenges her to reflect this feeling of eternal wildness joined by rapture

More images of The Nearest Faraway Place paintings can glimpsed here.

Please also check out more of Christin’s and William’s work on their magical website Redtindebluefire.

I loved looking at the paintings over and over again when I saw the exhibit.  Each time I would notice something new and each time it felt like I was looking into this beautiful, secret world where all may not be what it seems, yet it’s safe to enter and get lost for a while.




Christin - Dear Monika,

I just stumbled upon your
Lovely words. Thank you for conveying
your impressions of my work.
That show made me very happy!
I Hope to see you again very soon.


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