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Glimmer, 2012-13 © Monika Sosnowski

At last a small breakthrough. Something is beginning to come into view and though I still cannot fully comprehend the form or the meaning, I trust it. This pairing finally opens up for me a way in. There’s few others I’ve discovered that I sort of ignored for about a year. I’ve been thinking a lot again about my pilgrimage last April to the place I hold so very, very dear to my heart. To go back is sometimes the only way to go forward.

When I first started working on this project I found the poetry of Anna Kamienska to be particularly poignant and helpful. Even the working title, ‘The Tenderness of Things,’ comes from one of her poems. And here’s my motto:

“Into this space step alone
and the tenderness of things will enfold you
and lead you towards the dark
as if you had lost worldly sight
Anna Kamienska

Thank you.


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