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Photographing The Realm of The Personal: A Workshop

Calling all photographers, artists, photo enthusiasts, creatives and kindred souls in the Berkshires and beyond!

I’ll be leading an intensive three Saturdays workshop at IS 183 in Stockbridge, MA starting July 28th:


Often, some of the most powerful and touching imagery can be found right where we live. By turning the lens inward into our private lives we can discover a wonderland of treasures! Through a series of exercises students will learn to look at their lives from different angles to find intriguing visual moments. Our goal is to find ways to photographically express feelings, to capture the ephemeral and to transform the banal into something lyrical. To demonstrate how the personal becomes universal we will look at the work of both contemporary and historical photographers such as: Elinor Carucci, Tracey Baran, Larry Sultan, Roy DeCarava, Uta Barth, Sally Mann, Alessandra Sanguinetti, Nan Goldin and Mitch Epstein among others. At the end of the workshop students should have at least ten images to add to their portfolios and a new awareness of their work’s possibilities.

I’m looking for a small, intimate and kick-ass group of folks for this workshop to challenge and inspire one another with a passion for awesome image!  Register at IS 183.

To quote Henri Cartier-Bresson:
“To take a photograph is to align the head, the eye and the heart. It’s a way of life.”
Let’s make it happen.


Meghan - This looks great. Wish I was going to be in the area those weekends. Will you do anything similar in the city at some point? Let me know. Hope all’s well.

Monika Sosnowski - Meghan – good to hear from you! Thanks! I’m excited about it! Nothing planned for the city in the near future but who knows what opportunities will open up. I think I’ll be assisting Palmer again in the Fall. By the way, in additional to his regular evening classes, he will be giving a new class during the day, which will be very project oriented and without the lectures. Hope you’re enjoying the summer and taking lots of beautiful photos. 🙂

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