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Monthly Archives: October 2017

North Adams: Beyond Place (con’t)

Klipper King, North Adams Pick a color give it a name, North Adams Derek, North Adams Main Street, North Adams Jacks, North Adams Tag Sale, North Adams Here’s more images from the North Adams: beyond Place project. This is the looking stage. Looking at what was photographed, what the images reveals, how it works, if […]

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North Adams: Beyond Place

Storefront with broken mirror, North Adams Young boy, North Adams Angel with poodle and broken hand, North Adams Building corner, North Adams Young woman at bus stop, North Adams Small town with big sky above in the valley of a mythical mountain. A mill town once for a very, very long time that seemed like […]

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Home Ground

Suddenly the flies. I’ve been forewarned, in a  way, when visiting a friend’s studio just the other day. She too has been advised by her friend. And so on and so forth. The 24 hour flies. Expected to be gone, as in dead, by the next day. They like to congragate on windows, perhaps wanting […]

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