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Yearly Archives: 2014

Polaroid Simulacrum

I admit: I’m not up on all the social media ways.. Don’t have a Twitter account, am not part of Instagram, cannot figure out if there’s an advantage, or need, to have a Tumblr blog versus just having a regular photo blog… I post on Facebook and, mostly with my iPhone, scroll through the most […]

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Notes from Infinity 5

It occurred to her that the grey haired man, sitting at the table diagonally to her left, was quite possibly sharing the same moment. FacebookTwitter

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The book dummy

Making the book. Getting closer. Soon. Soon there will be the official book dummy and I can’t wait to hold it in my hands and kiss it! Yep, it really is that exciting and I have a feeling this version might just be the one closest to my heart. In the meantime here’s an update on the process so […]

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Notes from Infinity 4: The Shock of the New

The shock of the new. Perhaps she did not consider the effect the place might have on her. The past obliterated with the exception of few things: a desk with a missing drawer, a small wooden chair with a worn leather cushion, three boxes of books and some reproduction paintings (without frames) bundled up together […]

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making the book ~ visit to Talas

Some things take a long time. Or to put it another way: some things take their time. I’ve been working on making a book. This book project has, for reason obvious and not, meandered over the past year and a half. And I’m glad it did. Big take away from last year was that I […]

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Looking back

All images above © Monika Sosnowski 2013… It was a good year for the most part.  Busy.  Exciting.  Hopeful.  There were setbacks and disappointments.  And losses… The images above aren’t necessarily the highlights of  the year or even my favorites.  I’ve chosen them mostly because each one somehow represents an attempt to be open to the […]

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