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For today, for now, a poem by Jessica Greenbaum: New Rooms The mind must set itself up wherever it goes and it would be most convenient to impose its old rooms – just tack them up like an interior tent. Oh but the new holes aren’t where the windows went. FacebookTwitter

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Maggie’s World

A brief visit early in the summer couple of years ago. My dear friend, the talented painter Maggie Mailer, lives in a house luminous during the day and starry at night.  It’s on a hill overlooking the seasons’ ebb and flow all year long. Inside, a fourth dimension abundant with colors, toys, books, pictures, spices, a […]

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Splendor of the in-between

This is my Notebook: The in-between. My work is about moments that reveal a fragmented narrative. Summer is fading minute by minute now each evening. When I notice its dwindling twilight I’m surprised at the earlier time each day. It was still bright at this hour just a few weeks ago! Six more days left […]

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Insistence of Hope – a poem by Susan Hartung

Insistence of Hope When I think how long I wanted you to be other, I can hardly fault the cat who, finding rain at the kitchen door, asks to be let out through the porch. by Susan Hartung from Inclusions, a book of her poems published by An Elephant Tree House Book in 2011 Susan […]

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