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Untiled (White Chair), 2012 Another project.  The detritus of once upon a time. 4/26/13   FacebookTwitter

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Point of departure or return. More like a pause. Looking at this moment, at his moment in time and place, from a perspective of a lot of time gone by, this snapshot has already transformed itself to so many other meanings and possibilities. I thought I at least remembered the general circumstances when I pressed […]

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Puddles abound – and other thoughts on Artist Staments

The artist statement.  The “Hello, My Name Is” of the art world.  The definition, clarification, proclamation of what one does and often how it’s done, and why. Over the next week or two, I’ll be musing on mine and perhaps refining it or expanding it further.  Here’s what it is currently: ‘In my photography I […]

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From The Nature of Looking – Untitled (Peter, Ruby and Morning Light), 2012-2013 FacebookTwitter

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