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notes form infinity 3: the witness

Most pictures tell a story. It may not be the whole story (it never is), but if you look at a photograph closely, hold it in your hand, feel it really  - it might just reveal to you not one but many stories.  Such is the way of  photographs. So what is a photograph anyway?…

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Once Upon A Time

“Poems flooded me.  Fell on me like wild bees.”  - Anna Kamienska Another image from “Once Upon a Time.” The stuff that fills the spaces we occupy.  All the things we bought, received, found, forgot, outgrew. What we leave behind.. the stuff nobody really wants – not even the trespassers who ransack fervently looking for…

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This and That

Lots of work, and thoughts, and feelings.  Very little sleep. The two images above, both from my trip to Poland last year, I did not consider at first to be in the same realm of pursuit.  And yet they so obviously are. And now, I can finally drift off to dreamland for few hours.  Leaving…

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Dorota Expecting

An impromptu (and way too short!) session with fellow photographer and expat Dorota couple of weeks before she gave birth to her beautiful son Teodoro Sebastian. Congratulations Dorota and much thanks! xo, Monika FacebookTwitter

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