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Earlier in the year. Later part of summer, which might have as well been the beginning. Or middle. I’m still astounded how quickly it passed. Tagged on either side by departure. What does it mean when trees grow sideways? Here’s a poem by Stephen Dobyns, a poet whose work I discovered by a fortunate accident…

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Splendor of the in-between

This is my Notebook: The in-between. My work is about moments that reveal a fragmented narrative. Summer is fading minute by minute now each evening. When I notice its dwindling twilight I’m surprised at the earlier time each day. It was still bright at this hour just a few weeks ago! Six more days left…

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Excerpts from Exile

Here’s a poem by Adam Zagajewski from Mysticism for Beginners:   TRANSFORMATION I haven’t written a single poem in months. I’ve lived humbly, reading the paper, pondering the riddle of power and the reasons for obedience. I’ve watched sunsets (crimson, anxious), I’ve heard the birds grow quiet and night’s muteness. I’ve seen sunflowers dangling their…

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Insistence of Hope – a poem by Susan Hartung

Insistence of Hope When I think how long I wanted you to be other, I can hardly fault the cat who, finding rain at the kitchen door, asks to be let out through the porch. by Susan Hartung from Inclusions, a book of her poems published by An Elephant Tree House Book in 2011 Susan…

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My cup runneth over

Those unavoidable forks in the road. Where does this phrase come from anyway? It’s just that when I think of the proverbial fork in the road, by default I get anxious. Major decisions. Making a choice. A sense of not being able to go back. The implication for standing in front of those metaphorical paths…

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